Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Quiet and calm...

Hello my lovelies!
I hope you're all well on this chilly autumnal evening! I adore Autumn...snuggling up on the sofa under one of my many blankets, sewing or knitting! Even better when I see that Kirsty Allsop is back tomorrow night! 
I was very lucky to find good homes for all the kitties and their Mummy! Ron, above, was the last to go and I loved him more than I can say. This picture is of him lying between my knees on our last evening together. What a life eh? I miss them all but it is so good to have my Jessie Cat back with me. She was lodging with my lovely neighbour due to Minnie's over protectiveness of her kitties!

Jenny and I went to the incredible First Cut Exhibition at the Manchester City Gallery. The photo above is of a copy of Wuthering Heights! I want to squidge myself into that little house and live there forever!

So clever and beautiful...

This was one of a flock of birds filling one area, all different colours and shapes...each one a work of art all by itself!

At home my lampshade obsession continues! I was thinking the other day that I haven't made much lately but then I realised that of course I have....a new Beauty Salon! And some lampshades... 

And some brooches. I wet felted the bases first and then set to embellishing! You know how I love to embellish!

I finally fell in love with my Christmas Garland! I started this 2 years ago and have faffed about with it half heartedly since then! The other day I suddenly had the urge to crack on with it and I've barely put it down since! Do you think I'll finish this this Christmas?

It's very soothing stitching all these little leaves and sequins!

Life is very calm and lovely these days. I made some BIG changes a few months ago. I was heading for a serious meltdown and felt so aware that I needed to hang on in there for my beloved girl. I made the tough decision to stop trying to please those people in my life , who were NEVER going to be pleased with me, no matter what I did or how hard I tried. So I just STOPPED! Oh my goodness...what a relief! A huge weight has been lifted from me, leaving just the soothing, loving, friendship of those who know me and love me for who I actually am.... girl and I are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas together. But between now and then, there's a VERY busy few weeks at Amanda Bloom Hair and Beauty! 
So Girlies I'm going to take a leaf out of Ron's book and get some sleep. I hope you're all cosy and happy tonight!
Much love,

Amanda xxxx


  1. Beautiful crafts there, Amanda. However, just adore the little kitten. So healthy and well. Good on you and his mummy for doing such a great job. I don't know how you managed to part with any of them! Still, I understand completely about your own kitty being a bit put out. We are still suffering that here after almost 11 months. Our older cat is not happy about a kitten companion at all. The kitten knows this and makes her life miserable - all in the name of kitten fun, of course! :)

  2. I agree, Amanda, there's nothing like a good embellishment in my book. I love your lampshades. You made them you say? How? Have you done a tutorial? Have I missed it? I'm going to look back on your previous posts just in case. Ron looks soooooooo adorable. xx

  3. Hey lovely - I know I owe you a text with an email on it and a pattern! My list is getting longer by the minute (I'm in a tail spin!!!)
    Love all your work...especially the garland.
    Wishing you a nicely busy festive period in the salon and calm restful December at home!!
    love fee x
    (hope to see you soon x)

  4. How pretty, i love your makes. I love the lampshades, the fabric and the little sequins...i love them all!
    What a pretty kitty, i couldn't help but click the link!!

  5. You've got some lovely Amanda makes. Glad you've come to a better, peaceful place, nothing feels better than being yourself.

  6. I adore the glimpses of your beautiful Christmas wreath Amanda - so wonderful, can't wait to see it all finished :-)

    Really happy to hear that you are taking some time for you and are more peaceful and happier - hearing about your deciding to stop trying to please those people in your life who are impossible to please is a bit of an inspiration for me...

  7. Ron looks irresistible, I'm sure his new family are spoiling him.

    I love the sneak peek of the Christmas garland, it's beautiful.

    Well done for realising that there are just some people that you will never please, & the truth is, they're just not worth the effort of trying. I learnt that lesson with my in-laws many moons ago & with a few members of my extended family just this year. It's a painful process but well worth it in the end for your own peace of mind. Life's short & just not worth wasting on selfish people. I also gave up guilt trips & that was very liberating. :-)

  8. Lovely makes, and how cute is that kitten?!

  9. Hi Amanda - what a lovely little kitten. He looks so soft. I like the look of your Christmas garland. I hope you finish it this year so we can all have a peek. I am glad you are in a calm place. Its difficult to let go sometimes and its a great achievment when you succeed. I have done similar over the past couple of years and I feel so much better for it. Lily. xxx

  10. Please do finish because just those few glimpses look gorgeous.

  11. Hope all is well with you. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  12. Olá Amanda.
    Amo gatinhos, e os seus são umas fofuras.

  13. Fantastic Lampshades! Love your Christmas felting and your beautiful hoops on your side bar - you are very talented Amanda!!