Monday, 11 February 2013

Lampshade Love

Hi Girls!
How are you doing?
The lampshade mania continues here!
Crocheted one made with GORGEOUS yarn from Jo at Bearpaw

One made with some fabric which I fell in love with also from Bearpaw

This one is a mix of the first fabric and some other bits I had. These photo's are really washed out because of the light...sorry.

This one is made from an old blouse I bought in a charity shop. Look at those sweet little pin tucks!

At night this glows so sweetly by my bed!

Have you seen this idea on Pintrest? Great way to keep your earrings and rings safe

I had to have a go! Rude not to!

So that's a bit of a catch up on what I've been making! The creative urge is strong here.
Have a great week my darlings!
Amanda xxxx


  1. I've just been ooh and aahing over each and every one of your makes. You've done well, missus. Adore the crocheted one. xx

  2. Well, aren't you just fancy?!!lol lol lol Love them all and THANK YOU for introducing us to Jo at Bearpaw and guess what??She has a shop....and guess where? EDINBURGH!!(a really posh part!), squee.....guess where I'm off to soon?
    Lovely to 'see' you around but don't be such a

  3. I just LOVE the crochet one!!! It's fabulous :)

  4. Oh, those lampshades are fabulous!!!

  5. OMG Amanda - that crochet lampshade is divine!! You are SO clever! Would you mind if I used the photo on my blog and my face book page?

  6. Love them all Amanda, especially the crochet one. I'm still madly crocheting flowers from Jo's course, nearly got a spring garden full now!

  7. Your blog is so sweet I passed on the Super Sweet Blogging Award to you! If you don't accept awards, that's ok. Just know I find yours to be such a 'treat'!