Friday, 15 November 2013

Just pictures...

Evening all....just some pictures for you xxx

 Have a beautiful, colourful weekend girls,


  1. You were in my thoughts this week - as its been a while since your last post and hoping you were both ok xxx

  2. Hi - lovely cheerful colours. I have been thinking about you both and hoping that things are moving in the right direction. xxx

  3. hello lovely, ive steppd away from blogging for a bit, i hope you and your daughter are doing really well, thinking of you both, lovely makes xx

  4. Your photos are yummy and I absolutely love your embroidered hoop!... Very sweet...

    Have a great weekend as well,
    Beata xox

  5. Hope things are going well for you and your daughter . Thinking of you often. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous colours, they really cheer me up. Love to you both.
    Anne xx

  7. What a gorgeous riot of colour Amanda! I adore the look of whatever it is you're knitting.

    Do hope all is well.

    Heather xx

  8. Lovely colours. I reckon the world is divided in to two kinds of wool-sorters; those that are happy that the balls are all tidy in the box and those who immediately want to start putting the blobs of colour in to some order based on spectrum relationships. Thank goodness there is that pale lemon-green ball on the bottom row to provide the transition from the red-yellow to green-blue. Thinking of you.

  9. Hi Amanda,

    I've just caught up on your news, i'm so glad to hear the good news about Jenny, it sure looks like the two of you had fun in NY!

    Cate, x

  10. What lovely colours. And your knitting looks very pretty and a bit snuggly.

    Was thinking of you and your daughter today. Hope all is well

    Emma x