Monday, 14 April 2014

Attic24 Workshop

Good afternoon girls!
Guess what I did last weekend!!!!
Well the title was a bit of a give away wasn't it?
I did! I did!
I went to Skipton to make Bower Birds with Lucy!!!

I set off early from Manchester, thinking that I would have a little pootle round Skipton before the workshop started at 10. However when I arrived in Skipton it was blowing a gale, raining and pretty cold so I decided to go straight to Coopers, the cafe where Lucy has her studio. I thought I would have a leisurely cuppa and catch up with some emails.

A couple of minutes after I sat down a whirlwind of energy burst into the room...Lucy!!!
She gave me a big squeezy hug and sat down with me, winding bits of wool and nattering with me like an old friend. It was surreal and wonderful to meet her. I had been a little worried that she might be a diva, only because of the huge success she's made of her blog but I needn't have worried. She is the most gentle and sweet girl you could hope to meet.

I did just fall totally in love with her!
After a while more people arrived to join the group...all of them really nice women, and I knew we were in for a wonderful day.

Lucy led us upstairs to her studio. It was as overwhelmingly pretty as you would imagine. Each corner packed with crochet goodness, yarn and bits and bobs. It took a few minutes to stop hyperventilating to be honest!

Seeing some of Lucy's beautiful creations in the flesh was a real treat...the colours even lovelier in the flesh...the quality and workmanship just perfect.

We sat down to start work and within minutes we were totally immersed in our Bower Birds. Lucy has not scrimped on anything about her workshops. The yarn we had to work with was fantastic quality and a great array of colours which, as you know my dears, is very important to me! Lucy talked a bit about colour choices. It was fascinating to learn more about how to put colours together and to see how different each person's choice was.

I chose some pretty hot colours for mine and I'm very happy with how they worked together. Lucy was a perfect teacher (I know...I have used the P word a few times now to describe Lucy but I have a girl crush and I just can't help it. I know you understand!) She was there to help and I learnt quite a few new things but she wasn't too in your face...letting us make our mistakes and then showing us how to rectify them with good humour and patience. Throughout the day we had delicious coffees, nibbles and lunch served from downstairs. It was great to spend the day with like minded women. They really were a lovely bunch. When the subject of Jenny's illness came up they were so sweet and caring. I was touched. We liked each other so much that we've decided to do a block booking for another Attic24 Workshop in the autumn.

Here are the final results of our day's labour! Seven fat little birds!
We went home with everything we needed to finish our Bower Birds. And that's what I did...non stop until the last stitch was completed! Who needs a clean house, I ask you!!

Here is my final Bower Bird! I can't tell you how happy I am with it! I'm sure you can tell that I had a brilliant day. All joking apart, I liked Lucy tremendously and will certainly be seeing her again. I have reassured her however that a restraining order will probably not be necessary ;-) 

I know that you always like to have news of Jenny, my dear girls. I'm sure you understand that there's a lot that I can't say on here, but at the moment she's very well and we are having a super time. She has her next scan at the end of April and to be honest I feel sick with fear about it. I try not to because that isn't going to help anyone but my body seems to have a mind of it's own and stops me sleeping etc.

Jenny is a joy. As always I'm in awe of her courage and dignity, her kind heart and capacity to see the funny side of everything. I love her more than I can say.

Please keep everything crossed for her scan results...well you can uncross them if you need to crochet but other than that only at meal times!
Love and hugs to you all!
Amanda xxxx


  1. Hi Amanda, my fingers are firmly crossed for Jenny and you. You are bound for feel anxious ...... who wouldn't so don't feel bad. Wow your crochet creations look stunning and it looks like you had a lovely creative time x

  2. Beautiful update Amanda. So lovely to meet you on Saturday. Reading your words and seeing the pictures reminded me what a gorgeous, warm (sensation not temperature!) and cosy day we all had together. I love the finished bower bird. I've still got a few finishing touches to make on mine. Take care. Kx

    1. Thank you Karen. It was great meet you too. Wish I'd been sitting nearer to you! And thank you for taking charge of my camera so I got some good shots! Will you send me a pick of your bird? It was a great fun day wasn't it? Cxxxccc

  3. What a gorgeous post! I can just imagine how you would have loved everything about your day, and most of all Lucy! Fingers crossed of course for your beautiful Jenny, love Mrs A

  4. Everything crossed twice for Jenny's scan. Now about your visit to Skipton to spend time with Lucy.....lucky, lucky you!! It looks like you had the most fabulous time (how could you not), and have very pretty crochet work to show for your day. I'm so glad you had something lovely to do for you. Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    Anne xx

  5. Fingers and toes crossed for your lovely girl. And what a great pick-me-up you had with your visit to Skipton - very well deserved!!

    Loved seeing all the photos.


  6. Oh bless you flower, I should be a total heap of anxiety too if I were you but my fingers are positively plaited for you both. Hang on in there, you're doing brilliantly.

    Isn't Lucy lovely? I met her briefly at Yarndale and she's a peach. (A teeny peach!) I bet it was fabulous to talk yarn and crochet all day. xx

  7. Hi Amanda, I'm so glad you had a fabulous time with Lucy, she is such a kind and joyful person and I'm sure a wonderful teacher.
    I'm crossing everything for Jenny's scan, my heart goes out to you Amanda.
    Jacquie xxx
    p.s. love your bower's perfect.

  8. Hi Amanda, lovely to see you had such a fab day. Your bower bird is fantastic! I'm virtually hugging both you and Jenny and sending my heartfelt wishes that everything is well with the scan. xxx

  9. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day. I have a big Lucy crush too, but as I live in Oz there's no chance of me doing a workshop, so now I've done one vicariously through you. :-) I'm sending lots of positive thoughts over to you for Jenny's scan & I will cross my fingers too. {{{Hugs}}}, Jan

  10. Oh my stars! I can't imagine having the opportunity to take a class with Lucy! I totally understand your girl-crush! I have told her that taking a class with her is my dream when I get to England. I have just written a blog post about her love of colour. She is amazing! I do hope that your daughter's scan goes well. I'll be thinking about her. I know what it's like to have a daughter that is sick, needing to keep chipper around her. I have done it for many years.
    Hugs to you from me.

  11. Hola qué lindo fue conocer a Lucy!! Me alegro tanto por tí!! Mucha suerte con tu preciosa hija!! Dios las bendiga!! Yo también pasé por momentos de salud difíciles ,pero gracias a dios fueron superados, en estos momentos estoy distanciada de mi familia y no sabés como te entiendo. En fin pruebas que nos plantea la vida. Disfruta mucho de tu hermosa hijita. Cariños y un enorme abrazo desde Argentina.Vicky.

  12. So glad you had a lovely day making your bower bird. Love your vibrant colours that you chose. Good to hear that Jenny is feeling well and hope the next scan goes ok.
    Hugs from the other Mrs A. (Always gives me goose bumps seeing the other Mrs A, in print makes me wonder if I 'm leading a double life or writing in my sleep!).

  13. Hello, just found you and so glad i have as it is inspiring to hear about your wonderful workshop with Lucy!!
    bestest wishes to you and yours today!
    Daisy j x